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  The Long Room,  

  Lord Warden House,  

  Lord Warden Square,  

  Dover, Kent. CT17 9EQ.

United Kingdom.





       + 44 (0) 1304 213122





       + 44 (0) 1304 213247










Professional Customs Clearance Management  for Imports and Exports through all UK Ports and Airports, 

24 hours a day from our offices situated under the famous White Cliffs Of Dover.   Our Freight Forwarding operation has  daily activity through Felixstowe, Heathrow, Gatwick and Southampton, mainly routed from China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Korea, Morocco, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Tunisia.  We can meet all your needs for consignments of Cloth and Finished Fabrics through to receiving full confection Apparel.


Martintrux Dover is the leading Agent and Customs Broker for 

specialist requirements of companies arranging offshore or outsourced assembly, manufacture or processing:-  

We have vast experience of achieving any Customs Duty and VAT benefits available.  

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