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  The Long Room,  

  Lord Warden House,  

  Lord Warden Square,  

  Dover, Kent. CT17 9EQ.

United Kingdom.



       + 44 (0) 1304 213122



       + 44 (0) 1304 213247



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Dover Clearance

+44 (0) 1304 213122


Dover Forwarding

+44 (0) 1304 216833

Heathrow Airport

+44 (0) 208 818 0900


Manchester Airport

+44 (0) 161 436 8477


Customs Clearance Agent / Customs Broker, arranging Customs Clearance in Dover. As a Customs Clearance Agent, Martintrux has achieved AEO status- Authorised Economic Operator is awarded by HM Customs and Excise to recognise a quality standard is met and surpassed by a Customs Clearance Agent. Whytecliffs of Dover Ltd has been a Customs Clearance Agent since 1982 - and operated as an independant company, retaining the origianal grou name - Martintrux - since 1988. Martintrux is well known and resepcted as a Customs Clearance Agent to the clothing industry. Customs Clearance Agents can now operate remotely to any UK Customs location for presenting imports or exports - consignments destined or or shipped from outside the EU. Martintrux operates remotely as a Customs Clearance Agent in Felixstowe and Southampton plus other major Ports. However, Martintrux also has its own offices to act as local Customs Clearance Agents at Heathrow and Manchester.

Professional Customs Clearance Management  for Imports and Exports through

all UK Ports and Airports, 

24 hours a day from our offices situated under the famous White Cliffs Of Dover.

Our Freight Forwarding operation has  daily activity through Felixstowe, Heathrow, Gatwick and Southampton, mainly routed from China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Korea, Morocco, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Tunisia.

Martintrux Dover is the leading Agent and Customs Broker for 

specialist requirements of companies arranging offshore or outsourced assembly, manufacture or processing.

We can meet all needs for shipping consignments of Cloth and Finished Fabrics through to receiving full confection, fully factored, Garment Apparel.


Martintrux is the most experienced Customs clearance Agent achieving Customs Duty and VAT benefits available. 

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